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Valley Climate Action Center

cacThe Valley Climate Action Center is an outgrowth of the successful Yolo County Energy Efficiency Project (YEEP) which operated in 2004 and 2005. Yolo County, along with its partner cities, was awarded a $3.2 million grant from the California Public Utilities Commission. Its program was a hybrid of hardware giveaways, direct installation, rebates, and public education. By specializing in the most cost effective measures – such as compact fluorescent light bulbs, sun shades, and free advice – YEEP saved over seven million kilowatt hours of electricity and 1500 kilowatts of demand for utility power. The energy savings translated into about $16 million of savings on the 15-year lifetime of the energy measures.
info-carbon-3YEEP was organized as a non-profit corporation in partnership with the City of Davis. That partnership continues today as YEEP takes a new name, the Valley Climate Action Center (VCAC), and broadens its focus to include measures which reduce carbon emissions of energy and water use, buildings and transportation, Davis and beyond. This concept grew out of the work of the city’s Climate Action Team (CAT) and its recommendations for reducing the city’s carbon footprint.

YEEP showed that if people are informed and effectively helped they will choose efficiency, for both practical money-saving reasons and as a social duty. VCAC wants to go farther and provide a one-stop shop the help residents and businesses make sensible investments in low-carbon energy and efficiency. This means drawing on 40 years of marketplace experience in which alternative and efficiency investments have been hampered by barriers such as high first cost, lack of attractive financing, and lack of information on the best products, technologies, and providers.

Officers & Board of Directors

VCAC is led by officers and a Board of Directors, who include:

  • Mark Braly, president. Mark has followed energy issues since the first energy crises in the 1970s. He was director of Mayor Tom Bradley’s energy office in the City of Los Angeles and later president of the State Assistance Fund for Energy, California Business and Industrial Corp., a state-sponsored non-profit which made loans to small businesses in the green energy technologies. He is a columnist for RenewableEnergyWorld.com
  • Jenifer Segar, vice president, has organized a series of community forums which explored various carbon efficient investments for consumers and businesses. She is a regional marketing representative for California Energy Upgrade.   She was a staff member of the state’s Coastal Conservancy
  • Richard Bourne is a founder of the Davis Energy Group and of the UCDavis Western Cooling Efficiency Center. He has developed many green heating and cooling technologies including Night Sky whole house cooling, radiant heating an d cooling, and ultra efficient evaporative cooling.
  • Matthews Williams is a member of the City of Davis water task force and a former member of the Natural Resources Commission.
  • William Julian was a senior staff analyst for the California Legislature and is a long-time environmental activist and consultant on public power.
  • Joshua Cunningham is an air resources engineer at the Air Resources Board and an expert on energy efficient transportation.
  • Bill Dakin is a senior engineer at the Davis Energy Group and an expert on energy efficient development, such as UCDavis’ West Village.
  • Eugene Wilson is an environmental attorney and former chair of the Davis Natural Resources Commission.
  • Gerald W. Braun was formerly the associate director of the Energy Institute of UCDavis and was principal investigator of a VCAC/UCDavis/City of Davis Study, “Net Zero Davis.”
  • Matthew Seitzler is senior engineer at Davis Energy Group.  He has an advanced engineering degree from UCDavis.
  • Richard McCann is a partner specializing in energy, climate change, environmental and water issues at the consulting firm M.Cubed.  He holds an Ph.D. and M.S. in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of California, Berkeley, an M.P.P. from the University of Michigan, and a B.S. in the Political Economy of Natural Resources from U.C. Berkeley.


  • Marshall Hunt, a mechanical engineer, was the founder of YEEP. He is widely-known expert in energy efficient technologies, an instructor for customer and installer training for Pacific Gas and Electric, and a former program manager for the UC Davis Western Cooling Efficiency Center
  • William Knox is a senior analyst for the Air Resources Board working on implementation of AB32. He was a founder of VCAC.

VCAC’s attorney is William Kopper, a former mayor of Davis and a founder of VCAC.  Our accountant is Jeremy Springer.

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